About Sherrys Abroad

The Sherry Family has realized a 10 year goal to travel around the world for a year.  The world awaits our exploration.  And our family will develop deeper and stronger relationships.

14 thoughts on “About Sherrys Abroad

  1. Les – thought I would check in – where are you ? Very curious on how it is going. August is here , and wondering if you are returned / returnin? – David Nace

      • Les – would love to catch up and hear about it

        Let me know when you are settled down and rested – would LOVE to hear about the year


        David K. Nace, MD | McKesson Corporation | VP / Clinical Development | 215-870-6026

  2. Hey Les and family!
    It is so exciting to see what you’re all up to. And now you are in Vietnam. I really hope I caught you before you head up north.
    My friend N. is living in Hanoi with his wife and son. I think little N. just turned 6. To tell you the truth, it has been a long time since big N. and I talked, maybe 9 months or so. But I did send him an email telling him you might be calling. For some reason, my e-mail account has alerted me that there is a slow connection and the email had not gone through. I don’t know if it’s the server side in Vietnam or what. But please contact him anyway, even if he is surprised. I’d be so excited for you to meet up.
    Keep on keeping on, what a grand adventure. I’ll wait to see if there’s a Sherry blog post in North Vietnam! Merry Xmas!! Safe travels. Suellen

  3. Les – Carolyn W. passed this link onto me, as I have a good friend that did this same type of trip with their child at about the same age as yours. Unfortunately they never made it out of Singapore as they fell in love and bought a condo there (4 years later moved to France, and then after a few years back to the USA). My wife and I have looked at doing this as well, and would love to hear how you arranged travel (round the world ticket?) and your experience with advance planning versus ad hoc housing. Meanwhile HOPE YOU ARE LOVING IT! – David N. MD

    • David – we have not been tempted to settle down in any of our destinations so far – but we have a long way to go yet.

      I would be happy to share what we have (and still are) learning. We are using a flight consolidator rather than a round-the-world ticket. Our research indicated that the price differences were not material and there is much more flexibility with a consolidator in terms of destination cities, direction of travel, and total duration. We have also found our consolidator agent full of useful information since he is a travel buff himself. My wife is the real master mind behind the logistics (flights and accommodations) so when you have some specific questions we will want to bring her into the conversation.

      We are only 4 weeks into a 52 week adventure, so we have much more to learn. That being said, we have been happy with the pre-arranged apartments vs. hotels. Apartments have been a more “authentic” experience of the environment than a hotel, have a kitchen, clothes washing machine, and cost less. They also tend to be a little harder to locate and get checked in when you arrive and don’t have consistent quality – but that is part of the travel experience. Suzanne put in a significant investment of time and energy to sort through the different apartment offerings on the internet, contact the owners, make the reservations, and arrange for deposits where necessary. Also, we have had to pay in cash on arrival – which means we need to plan ahead to have enough cash on hand when we first arrive.

      We are loving it – and it is going better than I expected on every dimension.

  4. Les, I will not be in Oakland for the farewell on the 29th, but this site allows me to say Bon Voyage here instead. It appeared that you will not be going to Crete while in Greece, but if you change your minds, I have a very good friend who grew up there, now is married to an American gal in So Cal, but still lives half of the year there, and half of the year in OC. K and Y (P) are very welcoming folks who can give you a great history of that island if you choose to head down there. Thanks again for making this site possible so we can participate in your amazing year to come!


    • Thanks Dave. Greece is one of the parts of the world where we would love to explore, but given the recent troubles we are going to play it by ear. Mostly we are concerned that there may be strikes. We have had to make some ruthless prioritization to decide which places we won’t visit, such as France, Scandinavia, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Russia, and China. If we end up heading South to check out the Cretans, I will certainly reach out and take advantage of your offer.


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