Pictures: Argentina, Salta

2 thoughts on “Pictures: Argentina, Salta

  1. Hola the Sherrys!
    Photos are fab and are making us miss the fun, food and wine (!) of Enrique’s ranch. We hope you’re still enjoying your trip and Alex has been weaned off her addiction to dulce de leche!! It was a pleasure meeting you all and you made our stay in the ranch all the more enjoyable. We’ve just arrived in Cusco for our last few days and after we do Machu Pichu, we fly home on Thursday. Looking forward to hearing more of your updates
    Judith & Andrew xxx

    • Hola from the Sherrys. One good thing about moving around so much is that any addiction is soon curtailed for lack of a supplier. We are now in Chile and we think they call the jars of creamy caramel goodness something other than dulche de leche. We are headed up to Peru next week as well and will spend a few weeks there walking around in the thin air. We really enjoyed meeting you both and hope you enjoy the remainder of your honeymoon.

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