Pictures: Buenos Aires

2 thoughts on “Pictures: Buenos Aires

  1. Hi folks, we hope all is going well and you have been able to get off the red wine!!

    We see you are in San Pedro. We can’t recommend Space strongly enough for star gazing. It blew us away and it was a Canadian scientist who took the tour so lots of jokes and fun. The hot chocolate at the end is life changing also!

    • Thanks for the recommendation Andrew. Unfortunately we have already left San Pedro for Santiago. We considered the star gazing excursions, but never got up the energy to want to stay up late and be out in the cold… Some of our clothes were stolen in Salta and we have not had a chance to replace them yet. We did get a chance to walk thru the little meteorite museum on the edge of town. Surprisingly, the kids really enjoyed seeing examples of different meteorites (iron/nickel, stone, and stone/iron). The guide didn’t speak any English, but between the written descriptions and his enthusiastic attempts, we had an enjoyable 45 minute tour. Also, it was 9:30PM when we arrived and we were the only ones there. After the tour our guide followed us outside and pointed out a few stars for us (Alpha Centary, Beta Centary, Southern Cross, etc).

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