African Safari – Zebras, Giraffes, Wildebeest, Warthogs


IMG_5938-001Zebras were the animal that I most wanted to see. They have amazing stripes, and it is very hard to believe that they help them camouflage. We saw zebras in every single park that we went to. Whenever we saw one I would push my head against the window to get a better look.

One time we saw a lioness hunting zebra but they went over a hill and she could not see them any more so she gave up and went back down to sit by her tree. IMG_5959-001(Editor’s note: See Alex’s upcoming Safari post on cats) My dad and I liked to say “Are they black with white stripes, or white with black stripes??” I have an answer to that question.

They have black skin underneath their hair so one answer is they are black with white stripes, but that is not true; they have hair that is black and white to make the stripes, so the black skin is not showing… so therefore, there is no answer… yet.

We saw a lot of giraffes while we were on safari. Sometimes they came really close. They would cross the road right in front of our car or right off the road next to our car. We saw different kinds of giraffes that had different spots. The pattern they have is amazing and I could not stop looking at it.


Warthogs graze by walking on their knees

Warthogs graze by walking on their knees

We also saw Wildebeest in every park we went to, they were grazing with the Zebra’s most of the time. They are gray and bony and were almost always near water.

My mom and I liked the warthogs because when they run their little butts wag in the air.

They are very tiny and very cute, in a way. You would have to see them to know what I mean about their butts.

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