African Safari – Monkeys and Baboons


We saw the most monkeys near the picnic areas. IMG_6015-001They would come up to you and snatch your food right out of your hand! Luckily that did not happen to us because our guide, Selemani, kept them away. One time we saw one snatch a banana right out of a man’s hand and ran away and all the monkeys chased after him.

IMG_6303-001Baboons were our enemy during the safari and they were always doing something to us. One time we stopped the jeep under a tree to watch the baboons at the base of the tree. We had the top of the jeep open with a sun shade over us. Suddenly our guide noticed that there was a baboon peeing on our car from the branches above us because he saw it on the window. We quickly drove away after that. Another time we were watching a baboon war, when this baboon came up to our jeep with his girlfriend, he saw his reflection and thought it was another baboon so to protect his girl friend he punched the car.

IMG_6261-001Then when we stopped to let a baboon cross the road it knocked down a small tree right in front of our car.

Baboon wars!

Baboon wars!

One time before we left one of the parks we were parked and Selemani was taking down the sun shade when a baboon walked up to our car (we were in a parking lot and the doors where open) it climbed on the and tried to get in the car but it did not succeed.  I hopped out of the car and so did the baboon then he ran away into the bushes. So therefore, baboons do not like us. We saw a baboon war, one pack of baboons was fighting for the other pack of baboons territory. It was hard to tell wich troop won because they all looked so much alike.

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