African Safari – Birds


Storks at sunrise in the Serengeti

IMG_6065-001Ostriches, we saw a lot of ostriches when we were on safari. Mostly in the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. The females are brown and the males are black. One time we saw a male and female with a baby, but we didn’t get very good pictures because they were so far away. We saw some doing a mating dance with their feathers poofed up, but they finished their dance before Dad could take a picture. (Editors note: Good thing they were far away when the “finished” – or we would have had some longer discussions about the point of mating dances)

Bower bird nest

Bower bird nest

We drove by a tree with a huge nest that looked like a straw house and a round door. Selemani said that it was the Bower birds nest.

Bower bird eating a frog

Bower bird eating a frog

In the Ngorongoro Crater we passed a Bower bird eating a frog.

We saw a lot of wild guineafowls running around in all of the parks that we went to. They are very noticeable birds because of their spotted backs, and bright blue heads.



My dad was not very smart to only take a couple of pictures of them the whole time!!!!! IMG_6560-001I think that guineafowls are very pretty but they look more like chickens in this picture because it is not very good. (Editors note: Sorry Alex, mea culpa)

We saw some vultures on our travels. They were mostly in the top of the trees or they were trying to eat a lion’s leftover hippo without being eaten themselves.

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