Croatia: Plitzvic National Park

Plitzvic is a natural wonder. It is a series of lakes and water falls created as the river dissolves limestone and deposits a stone called travertine along the river channel. This process continually creates and recreates lakes and waterfalls. The effect is unique and spectacular.

An interesting point we discovered: the park was one of the first areas the Serbs captured at the beginning of the war in the mid-90’s. The national park was a military target because it contains a pass through the mountains.

Plitzvic is not a secret. The trail through the park was packed with tourists from all over the world. On the advice of our apartment host we arrived at 9:30 AM, since most of the tourist busses arrive at 10:00 AM. We avoided long line to buy tickets, but the crowds were inescapable on the trails.

Most of the trail is a wooden walkway constructed of tree branches that are flat on one side. It makes for a rustic feel as one walks along; however, the occasional steps up and down caught me by surprise every now and again.

We paced ourselves on the trail by pausing to take a row-boat out on the lake and rewarded ourselves with a cold ice-cream at the end of the trail.

Our accommodations were a charming farm/guest house complete with a shepard and his sheep, and a swing set for the kids.

There is not much more to say about our visit to Plitzvic, except that the photo opportunities were great and we enjoyed our day in the park. I didn’t find the perfect photography light I was hoping for, but I did get a few decent shots. Hopefully the photos speak for themselves.

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