Budapest, Hungary – Gellert Hill

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Today we went to a really fun place on a tour bus! It is called Gellert Hill, there was lots of cool stuff to do there, which I will tell you about!

I walked up the steps onto a big bus and my dad handed me some earphones. I ran up big steps and found myself at the top of the bus! 🙂  It had a lot of open seats so I ran up to one plugged my earphones in and changed the channel to two so it was in English. I looked out the window to see beautiful views and strongly built castles all over the place. My dad grabbed my hand and I guessed that it was time to get off at some place called Gellert hill. We got off the bus and the first thing we saw was a bathroom. My brother said he had to go, so we put a Euro in and it jammed with other coins so he hid somewhere in the deep part of the forest and went. He came back with a giant snail and a grin because he loves snails! 🙂 (Editors note:  Patrick denies his love of snails)  We started to hike up the mountain when I spotted a couple of souvenir shops and looked for cute key chains because I am collecting key chains, but I never did get a key chain there.

We made it to the top of the mountain and saw a bunch of beautiful statues and then we went to have lunch where there happened to be a free bathroom! 😦 That was a waste of money!!!! 😦     I grabbed a menu and looked down the menu and ordered the caesar salad, which was not as good as Patrick’s (most expensive) pasta, but it would do.

After lunch we spotted a place where we could do archery.  I shot the arrow and it hit the concrete wall. I shot again and it fell on the ground, I shot one more time, but it hit the wall again! 😦

We walked along on a path until I spotted a playground and yelled “They have a playground!!!!!!!!” and I ran and ran right into a swing and started swinging like a monkey swinging on a vine, then my brother caught up and sat on the other swing and made me push him till he was as high as the swing would take him. It is said that witches live on this hill and at night sometimes you can hear them singing and dancing. I kept on walking then suddenly I spied a witches broom leaning up against a tree! I don’t think I will come up to Gellert Hill at night.

We got back on the bus and started to ride back to our apartment while listening to cool facts and seeing the beautiful view once more, till we were right back where we started 🙂 And that was my day.

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