Germany is Super Awesome

Germany is so awesome!  Every corner I turn  there was a Ferrari or a Porsche.  My sister and I do a hand shake when we see a Ferrari; we make a” vvvvvvvvvv” sound and knuckle touch then say “pow!!!”  My family stayed at Dirk and Tilli’s house in Hamburg, and they have a Porsche and a Jaguar in the garage, but i did not get to ride in them 😦

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The food in Germany was different than I expected because of one of the episodes of Hogan’s Heroes I watched back home. In the episode Hogan sneaks out and pretends to be a General.  He goes out for food and gets sick.  I give the German food I ate **** stars out of 5.  The best dishes I had were a Turkish Doner kebab and pepperoni filed pasta covered in cream sauce. (Editors Notes:  (1) Patrick knows that neither of these dishes are actually German, so no need to send flaming email on that point.  (2) We had wonderful German dishes in Dresden at a local restaurant, and at the homes of our hosts in Hamburg)

2 thoughts on “Germany is Super Awesome

  1. Les – I’m so glad your family is having an amazing time – one can only aspire to provide their own family the same culinary and global experirences here! I love the editor notes and will be looking for a restuarnat in SF that serves pepperoni tortolini and creme sauce (yum!) NPS picnic is today and we can only hope for Kabobs. You are very missed!

  2. All I know about German food is from watching Hogan’s Heroes – love it! Of course all I know about fine Opera is from watching Bugs Bunny!

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