Animal Review in Iceland

I’m going to tell you a little about the animals in Iceland!!! 🙂 Yesterday we went whale watching and it was amazing, not as amazing as the flip in the air kind of amazing, but at least we got to see the whales backs while they rolled on the waves!!! I named two of them, Icy, and Willy!!!!! My mom got sea sick and had to go below decks, and it was freezing up on the top of the ship where we were standing .

We also saw Puffins and they are so adorable, they are little black birds that have tiny little orange beaks.

We saw a tiny Island called Puffin Island where they all fly in circles around the place and It feels magical just looking at it!!!! When we were on the boat me and my brother saw a bright orange jelly fish floating around in the water near by! 🙂 so cool!!!

Puffin Island

Today we took a walk to the pond. The pond is beautiful and there were little ducks floating around in it. I was looking at a duck sitting down, and I got to close to a birds nest  next to me and it came over was attacking me!!!!! My dad shooed them away laughing with my brother, (being very mean) and my Mom was reading her book missing the whole thing! Any way later I came back the pond to the feed the ducks, (not the white bird that attacked me) and that was all, I had had enough of the pond so we went back to the apartment.

My brother and my dad went fishing on a big boat and my brother caught a small fish and a gigantic fish they were both cods. I don’t know much about it maybe he can type up something about his trip.

8 thoughts on “Animal Review in Iceland

  1. Alex you must take after your dad- you are a great writer! I cant wait to hear more about your trip! Great pictures!!!

  2. Beautiful fish Patrick! These pictures are incredible and I love the review of the animals. Looking forward to the next report.

  3. Hey alex its grace, your reveiw of the animals in ice land was awesome. The puffins there were so adorable. The white bird attack was pretty funny.
    Alex you will have to text me your new number, because I have to hear more about the bird fight.
    (Text it to my moms number.)

  4. Hey Alex – Sounds like you’re having fun. I’m surprised you didn’t jump in and swim with Icy and Willy.
    Patrick – Looks like you caught a good size fish – how big was it??
    Take Care – Uncle Dan

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