Bon Voyage Party! (T-minus 33 days)

What a great party! We really appreciate all the friends and family that helped us celebrate our upcoming realization of a couple long-term goals. Goal 1: travel the world for a year.  Goal 2: Les to make it to 50 without loosing all his hair! (second goal partially met)

We really appreciated the positive energy thrown our way and for all of you who made special efforts to celebrate with us.  Special mention to the Arizona Sherrys (Les/Vi, Melanie) and Sacramento Sherrys (Dan/Janelle, Ed/Julie).

Key learnings from our party:

  • Kinder’s is a great caterer – and when they cater for 150 – it means 150 really hungry adults. (anyone want some left over BBQ chicken?)
  • Racer 5 is a hit at a party of folks who appreciate good beer.
  • JP (the DJ in the lime green shirt) appreciates good beer, and can consume a respectable volume of Racer 5.
  • Little girls just want to have fun!  The energy on the dance floor was prodigious.
  • We are blessed to have awesome family & friends! Thank you all.

7 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Party! (T-minus 33 days)

  1. Have a great time, Sherry clan! Be safe and enjoy every moment.

    “Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
    Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.”

    See you on your return……..

    – Mitch

  2. Dear Sherrys, we are looking forward to see you all in Hamburg, but why do you spend so much time in Great Britain, they have the same language but bad!!!! weather.
    Yours Tilli and Dirk

  3. Les,
    Bon Voyage !! to you and your family. Be Safe and Have lots of Fun !!!
    Have Patrick keep in touch so that they can share their common hobbies of coin collections.
    Take care and Best Wishes

  4. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren as you four. You will have the trip of a lifetime! We are so happy for you. Mom and Dad

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