Travel Adventure Show! (T-Minus 139 Days)

Feb 18, 2012; Santa Clara, CA

Alexandra - In my own words

I had a really fun day yesterday, we were going to a travel adventure show.  The first thing in the morning, Patrick (already awake) came in my room and poked me unstop. After a couple of minutes of trying to hide under the covers, my mom came in the room to save me, “Patrick Sherry what in the world are you doing to your sister?” “I am just trying to wake Alex up, but this nut head won’t budge.” I groaned with frustration and tiredness. My mom walked over to me and said we are going to the Travel Adventure Show today, those words caught my ear and I jumped out of my bed and ran to the kitchen.  When I was in the hall I heard the tiniest bit of my brothers conversation “you make it look easy” he whispered to my mom. After we had got all our stuff ready, we jumped in the car.  It was a long drive but i knew it was worth it because my mom had told me that we were going to Dave and Busters after. (an arcade and restaurant) When we walked inside the building I knew Patrick and I were going to have lots of fun.

The rest of the family and I were listening to a boring old guy talk about boring pictures, when I asked my mom if she could take us over to the rock climbing wall. She and my dad talked a little and finally my mom brought us over to the humongous wall. There was nobody waiting in line so we got our harnesses on, and the attendant clipped us in and off we went. Some of the rocks were shaped weird and I couldn’t  get a good grip. I started to slip but I grabbed onto another fake plastic rock and pulled myself up to push the small red button. I had done it, and I did it way more times throughout the day. (I did it 5 times that means I climbed 125 feet) When we got back to our seats Patrick and I had thought that was fun but we did not know what was coming next, that was even more fun.

After the rock climbing wall and the boring old guy was done talking we went over to the kids area. The first thing all of us saw that caught our attention was the zip line. You had to wait in a long line and fill out a paper that said if you got hurt doing it you couldn’t sue them. Me and Patrick raced into the line and filled out the form when the man came by to take them he looked me over and told us that you had to be over 75 pounds. I was so disappointed, my brother could go on the zip line and I couldn’t. I sadly walked out of line with my mom close behind. We went over to the bubble balls and I waited in a line again.

After I had tried to get on to the zip line I decided to do the bubble ball instead. There were a couple of girls in front of me that looked very eager to get onto the water. When I saw that both of them sat into something that looked like a plastic bag that they started to fill with air I got sort of freaked out. But when they pushed them onto the water and they were running and falling without moving the ball I wasn’t so scared. I climbed into my ball and they filled it with air and zipped it up, my ears went silent. The only thing I could hear was myself trying to stand up. It was impossible to stand up and to get your ball to move. After I had a lot of falls my brother got pushed onto the water in a ball. We tried to bump into each other but we couldn’t get our big balls to move. They finally fished us out of the pool of water and let us out, my ears went POP! I could hear again.

After I was finished swirling around in the bubble ball, we started to explore the rest of the giant Adventure Show. When we were watching some belly dancers I spotted a little stand were you could get a henna tattoo, and I love henna tattoo’s! I ran over to the tiny stand picked out a picture and they started to work on the picture that I had picked out, it went up my fingers and swirled all over  my hand it looked so cool. I loved it and it is still on my hand right now. I didn’t touch it for 30 minutes and then it started to peel off and leave it’s special mark of a henna tattoo.

Me and my family were walking toward a boring lecture for my parents to listen to. On our way there a nice lady asked Patrick and me if we wanted to take a picture with some penguins.(taking a picture in front of a green screen) We got to take props from a giant bin. I picked giant sun glasses, and Patrick chose a guitar and pretended like he was waking me in the head with it. “Smile and say cheese” the nice lady said. We smiled and she took the picture. We had to wait two minutes for her to print the picture out. She printed two copy’s one for me and one for my brother. We looked so funny, it looked like one of the penguins was eating Patrick’s head! But then we had to keep walking towards the boring lecture.

When we finished the picture with a penguin, we walked over to a boring lecture. Rick Steves was who we were listening to, we found some seats near the back of the rows and waited for him to come on stage. When he came out, he started talking about how fun traveling really is. (Blah Blah Blah) I started to get hungry so I pulled a piece of stored candy out from my boot that I had saved from one of the traveling experience stands. Yum candy tastes so good at a boring time like this.

When the lecture was over we walked past a stand were they gave out free jelly beans, and they had a big jar of jelly beans where you could guess how many jelly beans were in the jar and you had to put your E-mail and your name. If you were the closest to the number or if you got it right you got the whole jar of jelly beans and a Jelly Belly factory tour. Patrick and I did the math on the back of the paper put are guesses on the paper folded it up and put it in the container.

When we left the adventure show we started to drive to Dave and Busters, a magical place because it has a big arcade. First thing we did when we got there was have dinner. A waiter showed us to are table and we ordered our food. When are food got there I wasn’t that hungry I had filled up on chips, candy, and apple juice. I didn’t eat much but when we got to the arcade I felt much much much much better. The first game I played was a car racing game. I wasn’t so good  at it but it was super fun, I had a blast. Then my brother and dad played a war game so me and my mom wandered off to find a different game. When we found one it was skee ball, one of my favorite games. I won 4 tickets and a big hug from my mom. The boys came and found us ’cause they had finished their game so we all wandered off to find another good game to play. We all spotted motorcycles at the same time and we made sure we got there before another person got there. We got on the motorcycles and raced till the game was over. (I still wasn’t very good at racing games but they are so much fun) We played that game a few more times, then we hopped off the motorcycles to go cash in are tickets but we couldn’t find any thing good to cash are tickets in for so we left.

We got in the car for the long drive home. It had been a very fun day. We were all exhausted and ready to go to bed but we had to stay awake for the drive home. When we were finally back we went straight to bed nothing stopping us and slept the whole long night without waking up till sunrise.

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