T-minus 225 days

Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is the American holiday when we should stop the frenetic pace of life and say “thank you”, watch some football (go 49ers), and enjoy a family feast.  This year Rod & Jaimie are hosting Thanksgiving at “Casa de Sherry Benicia” – thanks for hosting.
We are now officially out of the planning phase – and beginning to execute on the plan!
We had our first conference call with our air ticket consolidator, Dan, and paid for the first leg of our air travel (July through September).  Suzanne has done all the heavy lifting with the logistics and prices, and it is  really coming together, she is doing some really great research.  The logistics are all very interesting to us (sort of) – but I won’t bore you with our laundry lists of stuff (passports, medical insurance, malaria pills, school, cameras, technology, etc….)   Suzanne has also connected with a few other locals through the Meet, Plan, Go group to trade ideas and create a little support group.
We have also become more convinced that we need to limit ourselves to only one carry on bag each to start the year.  I just heard from a friend at work about her recent trip to Africa and how her luggage was lost for several days, and when it finally turned up all their shoes were missing from their bags!?
On another note, I have discovered all sorts of new ways to procrastinate on my writing project.  Including the following:
  • read books about writing books
  • play angry birds & paper toss on my Kindle Fire
  • write blog entries
  • watch week-old taped NFL football games between two teams I don’t care about
  • rearrange all the old cans of paint in the garage
Actually, the list goes on… and on.  My creative procrastination is apparently limitless!  Hmmm…now that I read the first part of this entry, maybe there is something more useful than Angry Birds that I could be doing during my struggle with writer’s procrastination.  Who said blogging isn’t therapeutic?

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