T-minus 202 days

Big things have been happening since the last posting.  The surreal event of having my position publicly posted to begin interviewing for the successor to lead my department.  Multiple reservations & deposits for accommodations in Europe.  And Alex complaining that she doesn’t want to go on the trip because she will miss all her friends – she just wants everything to be “normal”.  She doesn’t want to be in Vietnam for Christmas next year!  I think she anticipates something we will all feel next year.  This time next year we may be in a very different culture.  I expect we will be feeling nostalgic about Christmas trees, house lights, fireplaces, stockings, fudge, and family.  Anticipating next year abroad makes this year seem even more poignant – which is a very good thing.  This helps us live in the moment, appreciate our friends and family, and recognize that even with traditions everything really only happens once.
Happy holidays.
At the Danville tree lighting in 2011
(Patrick & Alex at the Danville tree lighting in 2011)

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