T-minus 237 days

Suzanne and I have both been pleased with how much support and encouragement we have received from our friends and family.  Generally the conversation goes like this:
“So, we are taking off for a year-long trip around the world next July.”
“WHAT!”  <pause to think for a moment>  “who is going to watch your kids?”
“We are taking the kids.”
“WHAT!? Are you crazy?  So, you are going to travel with your spouse and kids for an entire year?”
“Yep”  <slight smile>  “Sounds like fun, right?”
“Oh, well, I’m not so sure I could spend 24×7 with my family for that long.  Your nuts.”
“Probably right.”
Then the conversation moves on to the recent weather, lawn grubs, and the best brand of deck sealer.

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