T-minus 252 days

Dates continue to shift around.  We are now aiming for a July 6th departure from SF, arriving in Iceland on July 7th.  Also, the kids lobbied hard for us to stay for the 4th of July in Danville.  We tried to tell them that there would probably be parades and fireworks at the Olympics, to no avail.  We also shifted our route so we can move more slowly through Europe.  I sketched out our current thinking on our European route in the Sherry’s Big Trip Google Site.  Let me know if you have any problems accessing the map.
Last week we attended a panel discussion sponsored by a group called Meet Plan Go.   Their whole thing is about career breaks and world travel.  They had a great turn out of probably over a hundred folks who were in different stages of the process (dreaming, planning, executing, returning, etc).  Suzanne has made a couple local contacts with other families that have done it or are planning to leave in the next 18 months.

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