T-minus 13 months

It is all becoming more and more real now.  We are just a month away from being able to start reserving tickets and accommodations.  I’m having conversations about succession planning at work.  We have started to test gear (luggage, boots, jackets, etc).  We had a security system installed in the house.  Whenever we see a new place on Discovery Channel we put it on our list of potential places to see.  Suzanne has been researching Africa and Greece over the past couple weeks.

We purchased tickets for the London Olympics.  After the lottery, we only received tickets for two wrestling events – but I understand that we can probably get tickets when we get there.  Some friends from Danville are planning to be there about the same time to watch water polo – so we might be able to hook up with them in early August.

I have been working on a fictional story with the family … it’s a story about a family of 4 that travels the world following clues to solve an ancient family mystery.  After I came up with the idea, I discovered a very similar concept in a series of books called “39 Clues”.  I just want to go on record that I didn’t copy their concept… but it is pretty darn close to what I’m doing.  Anyway – I’m learning about how to write a fictional story, it is much harder than it seems.

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