T-minus 20 months

Suzanne has been doing most of the work this month – researching places to stay in Croatia and Australia. She is trying to find the right location – some place interesting but not too crowded – and housing where we can have friends and family visit (extra rooms or other housing close by). It is still too far in the future to lock in any reservations – but we want to do our best to be prepared. If any of you are interested in visiting us on our round the world trip – now is the time to let us know!

As of now, our basic outline is as follows:
July – Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland
August – Switzerland, Germany, etc….
September – Croatia, Turkey
October – Egypt, Africa, India
November – China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam
December/January- Australia, New Zealand,
Feb – South Pacific Islands
March – June – South America
Clearly the planning for December through June are still in process. Let us know if you have any ideas or are interested in aligning your vacations with our itinerary.

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