T-minus 21 months

As most of you know, we are planning a 12 month, round the world trip, beginning around July 2012. I’m testing this whole blog thing to see if this is where I will capture our trip journal so y’all can keep up with our adventure.

A couple months ago I started creating the sense of urgency for preparing for our trip by counting down the months. It has been working…

I cycle between being sooooo pleased with myself about having such an awesome goal – to having that hollow scared feeling my the pit of my stomach – to loving how excited the kids are about the “big trip” – to having a headache from all the work ahead over the next 21 months – to being excited about sharing a big and fun common goal with Suzanne – to wondering how much I’m going to enjoy giving up my comfortable bed and big screen TV for the vagaries of the road – to being really excited about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with the family… and so it goes.
We began planning in earnest – I bought a couple books about other families of 4 that traveled around the world and I found a blog of a family from Piedmont that just returned from their 12 months of travel this summer. If you are interested, check them out….
Suzanne has done many hours of research on flights and contacted an air consolidator in SF to discuss our plans with a real person. It is clear that air travel will be our most expensive and complex logistic.
I have been working the budgets – confirming we have enough cash to get us through the trip, keep the mortgage up, and enough “run way” when we return. Piece of cake!

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